Parabola Private Sale Whitelist Result and Token Sales Schedule🚀🚀🚀

Dear LFG Community🔥🔥🔥

Thanks to all the applicants that showed interest in the Parabola Private Sale on Cronos. After processing more than 3,800 applications and KYC, the final whitelist to join Parabola Private Sale has finally been made public!

Please find the list of whitelisted winners here ➡️

Please note that this is the final list after successful KYC that will be allowed to participate in Private Sale. However, it is not a guarantee that you will successfully participate in the Private Sale and purchase $PRB. If your address is not included, it means you did not win or you did not pass the KYC. If you missed the Private Sale, you still have the opportunity to participate in the Public Sale, which does not require whitelisting and also does not have a limit on the purchase amount. On the Token Sales day, it will follow the rule — First Come First Serve, so make sure to show up ahead of time and get ready!

Parabola Private Sale details

Private Sale Date: 17th Mar 2022, @13:00 UTC

Ticker: PRB

Total tokens for sale: 5,000,000 PRB

Token price: $0.1 per token

Total raise: $500,000

Purchase limit per address: $2,000–$50,000 USDC

Parabola Public Sale details

Public Sale Date: 18th Mar 2022, @13:00 UTC (Depends on the progress of Private Sale)

Ticker: PRB

Total tokens for sale: 2,500,000 PRB

Token price: $0.2 per token (Listing Price)

Total raise: $500,000

Purchase limit per address: No limit

PS: We only accept USDC to purchaes our PRB token, please prepare in advance.

How to join in Parabola Token Sales

Please follow the below instruction to ensure your purchase of $PRB tokens in a smooth way. As the token sales are following FCFS basis, please make sure to be ready when the sale starts.

  1. Get sufficient funds ($USDC) ready in your wallet, sit tight and visit the Parabola Token Sales website !
  2. Make sure you have added Cronos mainnet RPC to your metamask.
  3. Connect your MetaMask and make sure the address connected is the whitelisted one.
  4. View purchase limits for Private Sale (There is no limit for Public Sale).
  5. Click “Approve” button and Metamask will prompt you to confirm your transaction.
  6. Enter the amount of $USDC you wish to buy for $PRB.
  7. Click “Buy” button and Metamask will prompt you to confirm your transaction
  8. Once confirmed, you are able to view the transaction on CronosScan.
  9. Once the Private Sale and Public Sale closes, you can view the PRB tokens you invested under the tab “Total PRB purchases”.


  • PRB will not be distributed or listed directly after the Token Sales is concluded. The tokens for the Private Sale will start releasing immediately after the mainnet goes live, and 25% of the tokens for the Public Sale will be released immediately 6 hours after the mainnet goes live.
  • Be aware of fake addresses and scammers on websites or Telegram. Anything related to $PRB tokens, smart contracts is not available at the moment.
  • The mainnet is scheduled to go live 20th Mar 2022, @03:00 UTC, but it depends on the progress of the token sales.
  • Parabola team and admins will never DM you under any circumstances.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in the Token Sales!🎉

About Parabola

Parabola Fi is an automated market maker (AMM) or exchange that allows users and other decentralized protocols to trade between different stablecoins with very low slippage compared to other AMM solutions.

Website |Docs | Twitter | Telegram| Discord



-- A Stableswap Build on #Cronos 🔥

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