📣PRB Token Sale Rounds: Announcement

In this post we want to inform you about our different sale stages mentioned in our Litepaper as we want to provide full transparency and clear communication with our community.

The PRB token is the native utility token of the Parabola ecosystem. It will be used to incentivize liquidity providers on Parabola and the revenue from the protocol will be fed back to PRB token holders. In addition, PRB holders will be able to participate in the governance of the protocol.

The tokens are sold in multiple sale rounds. Each round fuels development and also marketing to further grow the Parabola community. Prices increase incremental over the first rounds and then — after launch — relate to the trading price. We prioritize a large base of holders who believe in the project over filling our sales with big individual holders.

Please see the following information for detailed token sales scheme:

The Private Sale will be offered on a whitelist basis, and participants will be required to get a spot on the whitelist before they can participate in Private sale. There will be various chances for you to get a spot on that whitelis — more information on how to get a spot on the whitelist will be provided in the coming days! The funds gathered from both rounds will be used to further accelerate the development of the Parabola platform and for extensive marketing to grow the Parabola community. The tokens from private rounds will be released linearly within one year after the official launch of the project. 25% of the tokens from the public round will be released when the mainnet goes live, and the remaining 75% will be released linearly within 90 days thereafter.

If you missed the Private Sale, you still have the opportunity to participate in the Public Sale, which does not require whitelisting and also does not have a limit on the purchase amount.The token price will also be the token listing price, and the funds raised from the Public Sale will be used to build the initial liquidity of the PRB tokens, bootstrap the liquidity of the platform, and marketing etc.

About Parabola

Parabola Fi is an automated market maker (AMM) or exchange that allows users and other decentralized protocols to trade between different stablecoins with very low slippage compared to other AMM solutions.

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https://parabola.fi A Stableswap Build on #Cronos 🔥

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https://parabola.fi A Stableswap Build on #Cronos 🔥

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